Being Seen and Heard

During sessions with Simon I am received and I feel seen. The work is self-directed. I take Simon on a ‘guided tour’ of my state and I see so much because of the depth with which he looks at what I’m showing him. In other types of therapy I have tried there’s more opportunity to hide.

The Richness of Myself

Simon can see me at my absolute worst, all strung out in fear, and still see the preciousness of me. He guides me back to the richness of myself so I can walk in my own strength. Simon holds this space with integrity and honour, so I can stand in complete vulnerability and be safe.

After the Spiritual Honeymoon is Over

After an amazing retreat I experienced a ‘spiritual honeymoon’, followed by a ‘spiritual hangover’. The gap between my spiritual experience and normal life was jarring and left me feeling untethered. Simon’s unique ability to understand me at this time was so validating. He is immensely skilled at providing feedback, insights and guidance that are based in Truth.